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Investment project. Practice

Brief description of the enterprise
Analysis of the external environment. Competitors
Assessment of the internal environment. Resource provision
Investment project
20 pages. 14 font
Calculations, tables, analytics.
Excerpt from work:
The payback period of the project is 5.5 months from the start of investment at a loan rate of 11.7%.
In this case, the investor will receive income in the form of interest in the amount of 48.8 thousand rubles. and guaranteed income in the form of dividends in the amount of 101.08 thousand rubles. In addition, participation in the profit of 2011 will allow to receive another 125 thousand rubles.
If this income is discounted at an interest rate of 11.7% per annum, the investor will receive income in the amount of 149.2 thousand rubles. (in the nominal estimate of 274.2 thousand rubles.).
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