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In this article, readers' attention is invited to a special complex, aimed at achieving cross-twine in the shortest possible time, proved highly effective in practical lessons School of Martial Arts "Phoenix".

This complex is made up by the author of the exercises and the principles that have been referred to it by the Japanese karate master seishin Ryu Ueno, Minoru, 6th Dan. Master Ueno used a set of gymnastic exercises, called "Daruma Taishi" ("Gymnastics Bodhidharma") or "sinpo-dzyunan Taishi" ("gymnastics, meditative practice"). According to the master, Daruma Taishi dates back to the yogic practice of Zen monks. Unlike yoga, practice Daruma - Taichi allows purposefully generate the necessary physical and psychological quality is a fighter - Melee. Hence a set of exercises, a combination of dynamics, statics and that several unimportant, concentration, otherwise the construction of specialized complexes.
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