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Table for the family budget.

Start Finally, I take the money!

Most of those who have ever started to consider finances, a couple of months back asking themselves the question - Where did the money go? And all because few people can make it a habit.

Table of conducting family budget was proposed to us part-time students (in general, adult humans have) our teacher Financial Mathematics. And the life of my family from that moment changed much for the better. We realized that almost half of the family budget each month we simply thrown to the wind. Start and you take your money! Let this be your first step towards the welfare of your family.

Table made in Excel format. Embed all the necessary formulas for the automatic calculation. An example of the beginning of the filling.

How to use: At the beginning of the month you make an approximation of the expected income and expense items whose names are already there (names in the table in excess, some of the items you can simply fill out, or remove, or replace some its). During the month, make the appropriate cells in the actual expenses. At the end of the month, see the difference and draw conclusions. Very convenient. Especially clearly seen for the month in which it was possible to refrain from spending where saving, etc.

The preview is the image of the table.

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