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Aesculapius Pro - a program of medical self-diagnosis in domestic therapist.

The program will determine the possible cause of your ailments and send the required medical specialist.

To work with the program does not need special medical knowledge - it is designed for ordinary people to take care of their health and want to quickly identify possible disease and prevent it.
Aesculapius About

* Conduct a comprehensive assessment of the state of health for a variety of areas:

o take into account your physical parameters: weight, height, date of birth, gender

o Identifies your status on the basis of the survey

o Allows for objective indicators: temperature, test results, and various other measurements

o inspect your appearance

* It has a simple and intuitive interface that does not cause difficulties in development

* Does not require special medical knowledge

* Are diagnosed with high accuracy

It works in Windows XP, 9x, 2k, Vista
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