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What gives Google Play Gift Card USA?
• By completing the Google Play account you can make purchases on the Play Store - games, movies, music.

Activating (canceling) the Google Play card:
- Go to
- Sign in to your account or create a new one
- Activate the PIN code from the gift card
- Have fun and enjoy great apps
You can top-up the balance from your Android device through the Google Play Store app -> Redeem!
Dear buyer, please note that we adhere to our work, in which we undertake to provide the goods, provide it in working form and bring you to satisfaction, but in turn expect you to adequacy.

•If you have a problem, you need at least to unsubscribe to the seller in correspondence and as a maximum to wait for the answer. This is the circumstance in which your situation will be considered surface, with a quick solution to the problem. If you want to give motivation for even faster, you can leave positive feedback, with appropriate content.
•If you have a problem and you do not notify, without a solution, leave negative feedback, your situation falls under the detailed consideration, and this increases the waiting time for its solution. Negative feedback is a good reason, in which there is a need to analyze the problem more carefully.
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Worked fine. Thanks

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