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You promote your product, service, commercial site among the Russian-speaking audience. But the problem is that the Russian-speaking audience for the most part is insolvent. Find Russian-speaking audience, while solvency is not so simple. As I learned from personal experience, the public, living in the Russian emigre site corresponding to the above conditions. Presented to you e-Book is the result of hard work to promote the services among Russian immigrants. The book contains direct links to the 100 most visited of Russian emigre bulletin boards and forums America, Europe and Asia, where you will find an audience, which is sure to be interested in your offer. In addition to the references in the book provides general guidelines for working with these boards and forums.

The book is presented in a table. The first column summarizes the resource that will host your advertising. The second column contains direct links to forums and message boards described resources. First url - link to the forum. Second url - link to the bulletin board. The third column shows the importance of placing your advertising on the resource being described. Resources available to the category of "1" must be left to your attention, because it is here that you will come the greatest number of customers. Categories are assigned on the basis of statistical analysis of promoting goods and services. Resources are grouped by country: United States, Canada, etc.

The book eventually amended in the light of new Russian-speaking emigre boards and forums. Just send your e-mail to after buying the book. And as you free email updates will be sent the new version of the book.
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