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Here you can buy a premium French tank VIII MX CHASSEUR DE CHARS (AMX CDC) level for World Of Tanks.

Outwardly, it looks like FCM 50 t, only more compact and lightweight. Reduced weight and engine at a phenomenal capacity of 1200 liters. from. allow AMX CDC move around the map like a cheetah.

Armed tank formidable 90-mm gun, similar to that found on the FCM 50 t, but with improved rate of fire, accuracy and time information.

In terms of gaming AMX CDC process is very similar to the Leopard 1 and Ru 251: speed allows him to hold the first key point on the map and to respond quickly to the situation in the fight, and a great tool - a sure deal damage to enemies at any distance.

This premium tank battles earns 10% more experience and 50% more experience for the crew, and also has a high rate of return compared with the pumped appliances.

25.08.2017 22:49:06
все хорошо продовец обшительный хочу подарок
22.08.2017 21:05:46
Все хорошо) Товар доставлен без задержки! В общем все четко, всем рекомендую:)
05.07.2017 14:24:25
Thanks :)
05.06.2017 19:03:47
Спасибо! Танк пришёл!
Хочу подарок=)
02.03.2017 16:15:25
Все прекрасно.Чатов только много всяких разных,но все равно связался:)
17.02.2017 10:48:04
Всё хорошо
18.01.2017 11:19:46
Получил, все супер, спасибо!
11.12.2016 17:41:40
Всё супер пришло всё сразу! спасибо продавцу

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