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By buy Football Manager 2016 you obtain the license activation key instantly after payment your personal account on http://www.oplata.info

Activation: Steam
Region: Russia and CIS
Localization: Russian (subtitles)
Release date: November 13, 2015
Publisher: SEGA
Developer: Sports Interactive

►Game description:◄
Football Manager 2016 is the most realistic, detailed and immersive simulation of football management that allows you to shoulder the daily tasks of the sports functionary. You can manage any club from 50 countries. You decide who will be on the field and who will sit on the bench. Control tactics, solve the difficulties of players, negotiate transfers. To evaluate the results of their efforts can be played statistics wards of matches owing to a 3D engine can be viewed "live".

• New game mode — Create-A-Club. First Football Manager allows you to create your own club and add it to any League in single player games. Can you think of a club name, add yourself and friends in the line-up, and choose a color.
• New game mode — Fantasy Draft. Create your dream team in this new game mode. Start with a fixed budget and build your team from scratch, competing with other managers. Will conclude contracts with the best players, before to join the fight for the title of best.
• The Manager on the sideline. Get closer to the game than ever! Ignore the instructions and take part in the celebrations on the touchline.
• Improved the mechanics of the games. More than 2,000 new animations, enhanced graphics and advanced AI will make the matches Football Manager 2016 even more exciting.
• Analytics matches Prozone. Using data from the largest provider of Prozone sports statistics, analysis tools of the match became more comfortable and got a lot of useful functions.
• Set-Piece Creator. This powerful yet simple tool enables you to install several routines for different tactical decisions, different choices of zonal marking and more.
• More realistic injuries. Sports Interactive has worked with many associated with sports doctors to show the receipt and treatment of injuries is the most realistic way.
• Stats! Statistics! Statistics! Managers now have access to more detailed statistical information. Help them in this updated screen and a scrollable panel statistics.
• New and improved screens. To obtain the necessary information, it became much easier, because many screens (overview, tactics, home screen, transfer) has undergone a thoughtful renovation.
• Much, much more. Other updates include the ability of selection of personnel, improvement of the financial module, advanced AI transfers and team selection, integration of social networks and other things that makes Football Manager 2016 — best football management simulator.

►This product is intended for distribution in Russia and CIS countries. We are not responsible for the use of the product outside the CIS.
This is a Russian version of the game and we are NOT responsible for or any other regional restrictions!
!!!ATTENTION!!! Every third client (in random order) left a positive review after purchasing the game, will get at your Email address used during the purchase of goods, the individual activation key gift Steam games. As a gift you get one of the over 30 different games to Steam. The distribution of keys within 48 hours excluding weekend days from the moment of writing the review.

ATTENTION: the Given key to activate on Steam.

How to start playing Football Manager 2016:
•If you have not installed Steam client, download and install it .
•Log in to your Steam account or register a new one if you don´t have one.
•Go to the "Games" section and select "Activate via Steam".
•Enter the activation key (to obtain it you need to buy Football Manager 2016).
•After that, the game appears in the list, and you can download Football Manager 2016.
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28.05.2016 23:06:10
Великолепная игра!! Когда босс на работе запрещает мне программировать в экселе, всегда играю в эту превосходную игру!
26.05.2016 13:40:06
Хочу подарок!
20.05.2016 17:35:31
Спасибо за предоставленный товар! Все пришло мгновенно!
19.05.2016 15:44:43
Спасибо, все пришло. Уже вторая покупка
16.05.2016 11:11:53
ок, хочу подарок
05.05.2016 13:36:03
Спасибо за игру!!!
21.04.2016 21:46:39
Все отлично) Хочу подарок)
11.04.2016 21:00:24
Уже устанавливается) Спасибо! Буду Вас рекомендовать!
31.03.2016 19:16:55
все хорошо,хочу и жду подарок)
11.03.2016 10:35:22
Спасибо, всё успешно активировалось.
09.03.2016 12:15:22
Всё хорошо
07.03.2016 12:31:18
Everything was fine and quick. 0 problems
05.03.2016 23:24:21
Спасибо, не первый раз приобретаю у данного продавца товар. Буду продолжать :)
25.02.2016 21:25:43
Спасибо, все получил, ушел играть!
Надеюсь, что выиграю приз))))
22.02.2016 19:29:09
5+, спасибо!
01.02.2016 14:26:48
Спасибо! Как всегда все отлично!
07.01.2016 12:44:35
good +1! I want a gift! Send to lmt234617@hotmail.com
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good +1! I want a gift! Send to lmt234617@hotmail.com
07.01.2016 12:43:16
good +1! I want a gift! Send to lmt234617@hotmail.com
07.01.2016 12:42:34
good +1! I want a gift! Send to lmt234617@hotmail.com
06.01.2016 15:54:49
Все отлично, как всегда
24.12.2015 15:11:27
Все быстро как и всегда, спасибо
23.12.2015 13:34:36
все быстро и четко , оплатил, плучил, скачал играешь. первый раз покупал онлайн для компа игры доволен как слон
23.12.2015 12:13:58
21.12.2015 19:59:21
Все отлично.
20.12.2015 16:40:23
Все круто
16.12.2015 15:54:08
16.12.2015 15:54:06
16.12.2015 15:54:03
15.12.2015 1:49:23
12.12.2015 15:04:57
Все получил! Хочу подарок :)
06.12.2015 16:06:48
04.12.2015 18:07:52
Все ок. Хочу подарок.
02.12.2015 23:48:15
Спасибо, все пришло, по собственной криворукости оплатить смог не с первого раза)
30.10.2015 14:17:55
Всё супер, спасибо!
29.10.2015 18:39:38
Все отлично, спасибо!

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