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The second book of the series "Lost Coast".
The disaster has divided human life into "before" and "after" Waves. And come to understand - not so terrible end of the world, like what will happen next. The continents have changed its appearance, and the survivors to map the new bank. On the basis of the surviving settlements enclaves are emerging planetary catastrophe. Sergei, his family, friends and associates on one of the islands of the archipelago create a new enclave - Sugar Island. And the rest can only dream of ... caring for people, revival of crafts and technologies, the conquest of the sea and the search of valuable resources of past civilizations, all of which never once letting go of the weapon. Through labor and bloody sweat, the joy of success and sorrow of loss, through a lot still has to go to a place in the New World, on which depends the future of the islanders and the future of children born "after."
Date of writing: 2015
Volume: 370 p.
ISBN: 978-5-516-00294-6
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