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After completing the purchase Evolve edition you get the license key activation immediately after payment in your account

Activation: Steam
Activation Region: Russia and Ukraine
Release Date: February 10, 2015
Localization: Russian, English, German, Spanish, French, Italian
Developers: Turtle Rock Studios
Publisher: 2K

►BONUSY pre-order: ◄
Monster Expansion Pack - the set includes a new monster and skin "Savage Goliath". New monster will be loaded as soon as available.

►Opisanie games: ◄
What you become in the ruthless world of alien wildlife, hunter or prey?

The creator of the game Left 4 Dead, the company Turtle Rock Studios, is EVOLVE, a new generation of multiplayer shooter in which four hunters face to face with one, controlled by the player, a monster.

Take part in the battles zubodrobitelnyh format "four to one" stalk their prey and attack; Prove that you are the most dangerous predator!

►Osobennosti games: ◄
• Four against one - three friends call me and start the hunt for a monster or become this monster and destroy the hunters. Whichever side you choose, you will have access to powerful weapons and abilities, which will provide excellent game balance.
• Hunt together or die alone - four character classes: Assault, Trapper, Medic & Support, Select hunter that suits your style of play. Remember that each role is vital, as is a team game - the key to survival in the dangerous enemy.
• ravenous beast - in the role of a monster, a lone predator, you become the boss in this battle. Use your animal abilities and animal instincts to wreak havoc, destroy the hunters, and prove that you are the dominant species.
• Wild World - the world Shear dangerous, flora, and fauna. Become a victim of the world, or use it against your opponent´s trap.
• Setting and character development - to grow in level and open new upgrades, skins and perks for your favorite class as a hunter and monster. Earn a reputation as the most dangerous predator and climb to the top of the rankings.
WARNING: This key to activate on Steam.

How to start playing Evolve:
• If the Steam client is not installed, download and install it.
• Log in to your Steam account, or register a new one if you have not already have it.
• Go to "Games" and there select "Activate via Steam».
• Enter the activation key (to obtain it is necessary to buy Evolve).
• After that, the game will appear in the list, and you can download Evolve
08.03.2020 11:31:05
Как получить подарок?
28.11.2019 14:20:39
17.10.2019 14:18:53
Товар пришел активировал всё збс ключ рабочий
11.10.2019 18:49:08
Все хорошо
09.10.2019 19:04:49
Долго разбирался как оставить отзыв , поэтому товар плохой , продавец зло и вообще все плохо !!!
А если правда , спасибо за товар , все отлично , активировал сразу
Хочу подарок?)
14.08.2019 15:31:11
купил уже 2 ключа себе и 2 порекомендовал друзьям . Все прошло быстро и без наипалово . Приходит 2 ключика в документе -один на игру , второй на длс
08.04.2019 9:20:35
Ключ рабочий, спасибо продавцу.
16.02.2019 12:41:23
Прислали рабочий ключ во второй раз, успешно активировал
20.01.2019 16:56:48
Активировал Evolve Stage 2 в RU регионе
ключ GIFTа не прошел - прислали новый! РАБОЧИЙ!
31.08.2018 15:54:52
Дали 2 ключа,ключ от этой игры рабочий,но подарочный не работает
22.08.2018 15:40:48
19.08.2018 11:42:00
Спасибо, хочу подарок, хорошая покупка, всё работает!
02.07.2017 21:51:28
Всё хорошо!
24.03.2017 11:45:11
Всё норма,только чёт я лажанулся когда купил её,она ведь бесплатная.Разве что DLS но они не стоят 100р :D
Хочу подарок Alan wake
24.03.2017 8:58:42
Как и было заявлено - Сама игра, ДЛС.
Хочу Prototype 2.
18.03.2017 1:38:23
отлично так держать

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