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The process of promotion and classmates did not quite fast especially with the limitations of this social network. Can block the account of every detail on forever, so you need to be very careful and have to promote their goods and services are not as in the social network Vkontakte.

This script will help us in this. Its main task is not simply to move through the pages of users classmates, but also to put Like status. It does - is primarily to attract users' attention classmates to your page, on which you can advertise. The script simplifies routine actions. You can ask the city, sex and age, that is to choose the specific target audience for advertising your product or service.

The main difference from the script revelers for classmates - this is what's put Like the status, that is, it shows that you are more interested in the person to whom the, and a greater likelihood that it will go to your page to their classmates.
What do you get after payment?

1. Macro

2. Installation Instructions

3. Configuring the macro:

a) the speed of the macro

b) the number of executions

c) adjustment of the target audience

4. Support / Help me

5. Continue to update the script for free!

After the purchase the script if it will not turn out to contact me ask all my contacts are in the file Rukovodstvo.docx

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