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The catalog contains the range of assembly units and parts that can be ordered as spare parts for the needs of the operation and maintenance of the loader TO-18B.

For convenience, there is a section "List of Assembly Units" and the numbers of the drawings, which are placed assembly units.

In the "Assembly Units and Parts" in the specifications pertaining to each illustration, the part number shown in the drawing, its name, quantity per assembly unit and information ovzaimozamenyaemosti.

For information about standardized products (nuts, bolts, washers, etc..), See "Standardized products." All standardized products are grouped by type. For each product type is a sketch showing the main size and the number of the product.

Product Technical Manual is a reference for calculating and compiling orders for spare parts.

Catalog gives a complete picture of all the device components and assemblies of the truck and is an indispensable assistant for repair and troubleshooting in the truck.

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