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Script dispatch service for trucking type home-made
Download all the host and install the base. config.php to register their figures in!
improve links under your own domain (where necessary).

To log into the admin area Sign in base sets itself the status of the administrator,
perehodish link that instruction.

CAUTION Verified hosting script X-HOST other hosts, the more free, the script is not guaranteed !!!

If you really like the goods purchased from us - leave your positive feedback, please contact us and get a bonus! If you are approached goods purchased from us before leaving negative feedback - contact us by email or icq - this is the only way to settle the problem. If you are writing negative reviews, we do not consider your claim and do not refund the amount paid for the goods ...
and enters the verification code that prisudstvuet instructions.
If something does not work, please contact me I will help install, do not rush to roll the complaint.
31.01.2017 17:17:25
В целом очень и очень неплохо. Пришлось немного поплясать с бубном, но за за такую цену лучше варианта не будет никогда, это точно. Хорошая работа!
07.05.2016 18:30:38
все отлично
01.05.2015 8:55:46
В принципе нормально! Правда дизайн 90х, мне не нравится....ну и функционал дубовый! А так норм! Еще по установочке некоторые заковрячки есть!
24.04.2014 18:14:27
16.04.2014 3:55:51
Скачал нормально, а как будет работать - посмотрим ))

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