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Value Stream Map (Value stream mapping) - is a tool of lean production, which is used to analyze and visualize the flow of materials and information required for the delivery of a product or service to the end customer.

This technique was developed in the company of Toyota, in the factories where it is more commonly known as "map the flow of materials and information." Despite the fact that the tool is created and used to industrial companies, it can be expanded and the service sector.

Visualization of the value stream allows the process to identify bottlenecks and eliminate (or improve, reduce) the identification, does not add value to the final product, the work. Statistics show that such work (loss) account for 90% of the time process. Some of them are, of course, can not be completely eliminated due to natural factors industry. For example, in the banking sector and the signing of treaties deposited with the risk monitoring should be carried out necessarily, regardless of whether the customer wants to pay for it or not. Such "required" the loss of the order of 15% in the papers, do not add value.

Create a map of the value stream can be in Microsoft Visio, but the tool is only available in professional editions of Visio, starting with version 2007. But you can use an extra set of figures, which I offer you to purchase and install on your computer.

The difference in cost between the "Standard Edition" and "Professional Edition" Microsoft Visio 2013 is 9300 rubles. The cost of the proposed additional set of figures to map the value stream is 499 rubles.
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