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Paying for the goods you instantly get the License key for the service from the official reseller !!!
Maximum speed, lack of advertising, resuming when the connection is broken, comfortable work and most importantly saving time.
After activation, you will use the key for 30 days!
Promotion key increased by 50% or 15 days.
The key is not activated! Tie keys to your account for your security.

To assign a key to the account you need:

1. Log into your account.

2. Go to the link specified here:

3. Enter your key in the box.

4. Finish The key is tied to your account! (Self-same key is no longer valid).

The benefits of Turbo access to free use service:

With turbo-Fi, you can:

* Download speed up to 1 Gbit / sec

* Download without delay

* No advertising

* Unlimited space

* File Management

* Resume after the break connection

* Support for Download-Manager to download

All users who have access to Turbo can download as fast as possible up to 25 GB per day.
Enter key can be not more than 30 times per day. The browser should remember the code or need to activate your account - free file sharing and fast file hosting
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Other keys to
7 days -
30 days -
180 days -
 1 year -
Official INACTIVE Premium code to the file exchanger
Ma Buda grateful for a review of the receipt of goods and glad to see you again as a regular customer.

We value your opinion and will provide instant delivery of the goods to your inbox.

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все отлично) Спасибо
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Все отлично

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