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1. Concept and subject of the insurance law.

2. The method of insurance law.

3. The principles of insurance law.

4. The system of sources of insurance law.

5 Concepts of insurance law.

6. The concept, subject and object of the insurance contract.

7. Subjects of the insurance contract.

8. Conclusion of an insurance contract: the order and design features.

9. The content of the insurance contract.

10. Execution of the contract of insurance.

11. Modification and termination of the contract of insurance.

12. The history of insurance in Russia.

13. Modern Russian insurance market.

14. The concept, meaning and function of insurance.

15. The difference between the insurance relations from other civil relations.

16. The participants of insurance relations.

17. Classification of insurance.

18. The concept and principles of property insurance.

19. Features and variety of property insurance.

20. Features of cargo insurance.

21. Features of insurance of air and water transport.

22. Features of insurance of railway transport.

23. Variety of liability insurance.

24. Features of environmental insurance.

25. Insurance business risk.

26. Compulsory insurance of civil liability of vehicle owners.

27. insurance of individuals' deposits in banks of the Russian Federation.

28. The concept, characteristics and types of personal insurance.

29. Life insurance: concept and types.

30. Personal Accident Insurance.

31. Compulsory and voluntary medical insurance.

32. Features of social security.

33. The concept and purpose of state regulation of insurance.

34. Licensing of insurance activity of insurers.

35. Ensure financial stability and solvency of insurance companies.

36. Public-financial control over the activities of insurance companies.

37. Directions of perfection of state regulation of insurance.

38. Limitation on requirements related to insurance.

39. Jurisdiction and venue of disputes under insurance contracts.

40. Types of insurance disputes.

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